About us

About us as tax accountants

It’s the people who give a face to a company, who transport values and add their personal engagement as well as experience to create trust. Within the Tax Advisor Office Annett Bemmann you can find people who are interested in your wishes and needs. You find people who count on a continuous, responsible and foremost personal consultation, looking behind the bare numbers at the past and future of your business.

Tax consultancy means for us giving you more time and security for essentials.

Our tax advisor office has its domicile in Leipzig and focuses on tax and business consultative personal and integral support of small and medium sized businesses as well as private persons. Beside the comprehensive consultancy of freelancer, businesses, physicians, dentists as well as other medical professionals, we particularly advise engineers, building companies (above and belowground), architects, property managements as well as all relating real estate professions.

Our services include regular income tax, accounting, annual accounting and payroll accounting as well as consulting for specific tax cases as i.e. gift tax, legacy tax or rent and lease related transfer of property. In addition, we offer mediation and business management guidance customized to your individual needs.